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  • FastoFix PCEAdmixerthat has excellent water retention and slump Retention performance of concrete. In General it can be blended with other water reduction type PCE in order to enhance concrete quality. It also can be used itself especiallyfor thejob site where requires much longer slump retention.

Area oprplication

  • Concrete admixture excellentwater retention.

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent slump retention for all grade concrete to be used with other water reducers.
  • Applicable for all grade concrete to be used.
  • With other water reducers.
  • High workability with out bleeding or segregation.
  • Provide Fresh concrete with excellent retention more than 120 minutes.
  • Reduction oflabour costs by high workability ofconcrete.

Method oprplications

  • FastoFix PCE Admixer is recommended to be used blending with other PCE having high water reduction. For the job site where requires much longer slump retention, the dosage ratio of FastoFix PCE Admixer should be increased up to 75%. The optimum dosage of FastoFix PCE Admixer may depend on specific requirements of concrete properties and materials. 80, it is determined by trails using the materials and conditions.


  • FastoFix PCEAdmixeris Compatible with all of PCE products.
  • To achieve higher water reduction, you may blend with other PCE which has its specific properties.

Precaution & Limitations

  • FastoFix PCEAdmixercontains no hazardous materials and is completely transportclass free.
  • However, it is recommended to use standard handling procedures with the product. we arglove sand eye protection and wash splashes to the skin with soap and water at the end of shifts oar at breaks. Forfurther information consult the material Safety data Sheetforthis product.


  • 200 kg Drum.

Shelf Life

  • Best before one years from the date manufacture when in sealed pack and stored under proper condition. Sore in a cool & dry place in unopened condition away from direct sunlight